Questing, LFG and a Dog Called Pug

How’s heroic instances after Patch 3.3 came out?! Well I tried it on my  pally tank today and I wasn’t disappointed. The system basically bribes you to jump on instances and level up (Who’d say no to that)…. In a way who needs questhelper* if you can level up (get gears and triumph badges) through normal instances.

Plus you’d get the chance to win Mr Perky Pug (see below)– it has a spiked collar and harness y’knaw 😛

For the patient. Blizzard included a new achievement Looking For Many with ‘the Patient’ title after finishing random heroics with 50 odd people. It is the second tier for the new LFG system. (The third of course wins you a luckydog)

*I’d still use QuestHelper though


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  1. Your site is full of so many great pictures…! Thank you for sharing! I dont play wow but I enjoy a bit of online games 🙂

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