Primer for Arms (Rotation)

Ok rotation time (sort off) people! Remember to use Sudden Death anytime it pops up in between these.

We always start off with Rend remember that Rend does more damage if the enemy affected by it has over 75%… so thats an incentive for people to actually lay it down. Now if you Charged use Slam after Rend (do not use Mortal Strike since it uses too much rage). Bladestorming your way to glory (that’s right. It let’s you get some needed rage that you’ll spend soon). Then Slam Spamming until you see a big Overpower pop out the middle of the screen.

Now there are going to be times when you hit a point that you have too much rage that it is a waste. This is what we call the *Dead Rage. Since we have Endless Rage it is possible to hit that mark. A way to prevent this is to use Slam and quickly chain a Heroic Strike then Mortal Strike during the time you are at 70 or more rage. Not only does it increase your DPS but also makes your rage management more efficient.

Now rinse and repeat while your running around like a headless chook in a raid, don’t worry too much about Bladestorm not unless it’s called for. Also remember to use Shattering Throw in conjunction with Heroism to maximise yours and other melee’s dps.