Primer for Arms Warrior

Ok here come’s Luna for the nit bits of Arms Dps…

I’ll start off with a warning…. If you are arms you do not have any Aggro dump or Aggro Reduction… so don’t be ludicrous by thinking your leet and out aggro a tank. A dead dps is a fucking useless dps.

What glyphs to get would be advisable. They should be Glyph of Rending, Glyph of Execution and finally Glyph of Mortal Strike (though MS glyph is debatable).

*Glyph of Rending = less time on re-applying rend is 6 seconds used to lay more pain and we can use it as a basis for our rotations
*Glyph of Execution = bang for your buck along with the fury talent Improved Execute. The glyph gives your execute a 380 damage into the execute calculations, and it uses no rage.
*Glyph of Mortal Strike = the reason why i said it is optional comes to two reasons… it only improves mortal strike’s flat damage not the actual total damage (though it does stack with the talent Improved Mortal Strike. Second reason is it still uses 30 rage point so it is advisable to just slam spam and just use MS to avoid reaching the *DEAD RAGE ZONE*.

Some glyphs that might be more to other warrior’s “playstyle” are Glyph of Sweeping Strikes and Glyph of Bladestorm.

Points to remember as said on the above post. As arms we have an ascending hierarchy for our moves. They are as follows..

Sudden Death > Taste for Blood> MS > Slam. Though to be honest there really is some sort of rotation as arms and i will explain that soon.

Original post from The Agency forum