Resto Druid Primer

(Original post from the TA Forum. Thanks to Wysperra for allowing me to use his post on this blog)

Hey Folks, I’m here to help you polish and fluff your Resto Druid Healing.

My main is Wysperra, Resto/Feral Druid. I have been lucky enough to raid with The Agency since June of this year and I was a part of the team that got the Guild First kills in the later parts of U10 – Mimiron, General Vezax, and Yogg Saron. I was also involved in the clearing of ToC10. Currently we are working on ToC25 which I’m glad to be a part of.

Since The Agency is focused on high end raiding I’ll try to talk about that.

There are a few things that are really important about being a raiding Resto Druid. By lucky happenstance they are also The Agency’s raiding maxims: Show up (during the raids) on time; Be Prepared; Know your shit; Don’t be an asshole. Everything else is just details.

Working the Wood

As far as gear is concerned, the list changes too frequently to say shoot for this item or that. Inside a month any list I give will be outdated. Cloth or Leather doesn’t matter, only the stats matter – Int, Spi, Spellpower, Crit, MP5, not necessarily in that order. For the most part, get the best gear you can, making sure to check Tier Set Bonuses in addition to other stats. An example of this is the difference between T8 and T9. Breaking the instant cast heal from 4pc T8 isn’t worth getting 5% crit on Nourish from 2pc T9.

Resto Druid comic. Prepared for TA website (c)

If you’re looking for specific gear advice, I’d recommend these:
Tears of the Vanquished
Spark of Hope
Idol of Flaring Growth Probably the only item I’d say a Resto Druid really really should get. It has nearly 90% uptime with a large spellpower bonus. If anything, this should be the first thing you get with your Emblems of Triumph.
There are several trinkets out there that improve spellpower and for some fights they might be better. However, because of the way Druid healing works, longevity weighs higher than the bonus you’ll get on trinkets.

Trimming the Bush

Spell rotation. There is none.
I generally cast two or three HoTs on the Tank before he pulls. Since it’s pre-HoTing, the order doesn’t matter as long as they are still up when the pull happens.

Regrowth A good spell for landing a moderate sized heal with a long HoT
Lifebloom A stacking HoT with a small healing tail (the Bloom) which becomes a decent size when stacked. Lifebloom becomes extremely mana inefficient if you do not let it bloom.
Healing Touch Useless unless you’re using Nature’s Swiftness. While it heals for a decent amount, it has a long cast time. Depend on your healing team to cover the big heals.
Nourish This is one of the “nukes” for Resto Druids. Fast casting, decent output, gets bonuses for targets that have HoTs on them.
Rejuvenation The other Druid “nuke”. Talented it heals for a long time allowing you to cover a good portion of your raid. It heals for a decent amount and is relatively mana efficient.
Wild Growth The group heal you can depend on as Tranquility has long ass cooldown. Fire and forget HoT.
Swiftmend A good oh shit button you can use to put out a solid chunk of heal.

For the times when you can predict incoming damage, spend the seconds it takes to put HoTs on those people. That should smooth out the damage and you can fill the bigger holes with Nourish or more likely, have the hole filled by another Healer. In more chaotic fights or fights that have raidwide damage, paint as many people with HoTs as you can. It will heal them up if they happen to get hit allowing your heavy healing Priests, Paladins, and Shaman to take care of those that take a bigger amount of damage.

You cannot depend on stacking your HoTs after somebody takes damage. Your heals have to be there already when the damage comes. More often then not, this results in massive overhealing. That’s just how it works. When the smashes are coming in, it takes too long to start up and wait for your Hots to take effect.

As with any Healer, take care of your own ass too. Keep it out of the fires. Nobody likes a burned bush.