Disc Priest Primer

(This is primer for discipline priests. It is an expanded text from the Warcraft forum but I have added some hints of my own.)

I love priests—to be exact I love discipline priests! It’s fun to level as disc. Priest with so much utilities at your disposal. Power Word: Shield is a priest’s best friend. At level 80 this should take up 2230 damage for a friendly target. A leveling priest should have this button close by to make things comfortable. An easy technique is placing Power Word: Shield on DPS’ and tank all through bossfights. Get yourself a Glyph of Power Word: Shield—this should be your first major glyph– to increase your shield’s efficiency. If you love PvP as much as raiding, Power Word: Shield could make you (and your friendly target) almost invincible. Your shield + Renew + Penance will protect your rear and your mates in BGs.

You bring two unique buffs to a group. Your Prayer of Fortitude can lift a player’s hp by 165 to 214 once buffed, and your Prayer of Spirit can increase their spirit by 80. On fights with Shadow damage, you also bring Prayer of Shadow Protection, increasing resistance to shadow by 130 and allowing a paladin who may have otherwise switched to Shadow Resist Aura to use a more useful aura. Priests (of both healing spec) are the only healer who can dispel two magic effects at a time (offensively and defensively) as well as the only healer who can dispel magic effects from many targets at once with a single spell, Mass Dispel. You can get Glyph of Mass Dispel to make its MP cost effective. Inner Fire is our own unique armor buff. It increases our armor by up to 2440 and spell power by 120. Glyph of Inner Fire adds 50 percent more armor with this talent

Your Pain Suppression talent is a life saver (Guardian Spirit is the Holy equivalent talent). This should be the first button you hit when you get stun locked in BGs or arenas to reduce your damage taken by up to 40 percent. In patch 2.4 you can no longer cast it when silenced but it’s still indispensable in special circumstances, especially as preventative measure. The Glyph of Pain Suppression allows you to cast PS while stunned. Clever tool for bossfights and PVP (though it wouldn’t save your rear if you’re already low in health). For raids and instances, Divine Aegis is a +crit heal bonus that absorbs damage (it won’t heal) for your target. Penance is what everyone’s talking about with the release of Wrath and something you can use as both offense and for healing. With penance your volley of lights can heal up to 1600 (it does so in 3 quick successions). Greater Heal is a classic favourite which I still uses all the time.

Power Infusion can be a mighty companion in both PvP and raids. As its name implies, this talent infuses your target’s spell haste by 20 percent (or 656 haste spell) and their mana cost by 20 percent.

Prayer of Mending is a healing talent for dedicated boss fights. It heals a target equivalent to 1043 hp and ‘jumps’ the healing cycle up to five times. It does generate threat although very little to consider. Buff your main tank with Prayer of Mending before engaging combat. One more spell for raid healing (or arena) is Inner Focus, it can give 25 percent crit. effect and a mana saver.  It is a decent skill that’s  worth the points off your talent tree. Binding Heal is very effective in tank healing and PvP. It heals up to 2508 of your target (and yourself). For more dedicated bossfights this is recommended. If this happens to be an instant cast you can spam this talent in BGs but you can always use Renew.

Discipline priests have long been a staple of PvP, and an outsider may even view them as mighty invincible. Your mileage may vary, though, as with any class. Gearing for PVP healing as a discipline spec’ed priest can be intricate as you need to balance healing power and survivability. The healing part is fairly easy to get and your main concerns should be +Healing, Intelligence, +Mana per 5 sec (+mp5) and Spirit. (Stack yourself with Twin Disciplines, Borrowed Time and Grace to increase your healing effect)

Good Priest Healing

Leveling as a priest is not as tardy as some people think. By level 6, you can now acquire Power Word: Shield which you need to use all the time. Psychic Scream at level 12 is a life saver especially if you aggro a mob or in PvP if a bunch of Horde or Allies went chasing after you. Fear Ward of course is the opposite spell. Place this on your main tank or yourself to ward again fear effects). Smite is the bread and butter of all leveling priests. Use with Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague (requires level 20). For mana regen. Meditation is highly recommended.

RAID UTILITIES. The Priests probably go Holy as it is seen as the “Healing or Raid Healing” spec. As they are raiding, they think that is the direction they should take. In a raid with three Healers (10-man), it would be ideal to have a Disc Priest. With two Healers it should still be OK but would be difficult if the other Healer was a Paladin. Your disc priest is ideal for healing main or off tanking

PROFESSION. Tailoring is the most suitable profession for priests. It allows you to thread reasonable gears, especially for priests leveling in Northrend (Requires 68+). It’s economical and practical as well if your gearing for end game raiding. Alchemy or Enchanting is ideal as second profession. You can make Endless Healing Potion and Endless Mana Potion for personal use, perfect for grinding bossfights

So roll yourself a priest soon and enjoy raiding or PvP with a discipline priest!

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