Welcome to a Brand New Year!

Our first post for the year, and sorry to keep you waiting. During the past few weeks, the spotlight on online gaming has been tremendously active. From the strange (World of Warcraft busts fugitive) and the eccentric (Next Top Model winner plays Warcraft), to the cerebral (Why Playing in the virtual world has an awful lot to teach children and WSJ’s How Everybody Got Game; both book reviews!).

As a brand, World of Warcraft is indeed proving itself as competitive and irresistible. Of course, for the zealous gamer– it is the game. As one of the articles commented above:

Visit any website devoted to hosting player discussions of games like World of Warcraft, for instance, and you’ll find not hundreds but tens of thousands of comments flying between players who debate every aspect of the game, from weapon-hit percentages to mathematical analyses of the most efficient sequence in which to use a character’s abilities. It will range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and will be riddled with private codes, slang, trolls, flames, and everything else the internet so excels at delivering.

What you’ll find above all, though, is a love of discussion almost for its own sake; and an immensely broad and well-informed range of critical analyses. It’s not unknown for doctors of economics or maths to wade into the fray – and find themselves bested by other still more meticulous chains of gamer reasoning.

Well, that’s Wow for you!

Now, here’s a shortlist of World of Wacraft milestones since it started more than 5 years ago.

  • November 2004, game released on the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft series
  • February 2005, Wow launches in Europe
  • August 2005, game surpasses 1 million customer in N. America. Reaches 4.5 million worldwide
  • November 2005, Wow launches in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao
  • January 2007, First expansion to the game, Burning Crusade, released. Now, it’s the second fastest selling PC game of all time
  • November 2008, Wrath of the Lich King released, making it the fastest selling PC game in history
  • December 2008, Wow hits 11.5 million subscribers
  • July 2009, Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures to produce Warcraft movie. Sam Raimi announced as film’s director.
  • November 2009, game celebrates 5th year anniversary (15 years for Warcraft series)