ICC- Crimson Hall To Open Today!

Icecrown Citadel. Agencyguild.com

Icecrown Citadel is proving a lightning bar to many elite guilds. With the third wing (Crimson Hall) opening in less than 24 hours, will the bloodsuckers change the world ranking landscape again? Anyhow, here’s the latest rundown of the Top 10 guilds (World)

1 Rush Dark Iron-US
2 Paragon Lightning’s Blade-EU
3 V A N Q U I S H Blood Furnace-US
4 vodka Alterac Mountains-US
5 第七天堂 Silverwing Hold-TW
6 Квантум Разувий-EU
7 Memento Mori Frostmane-EU
8 CUTIES ONLY Kil’jaeden-US
9 For the Horde Nazjatar-EU
10 Forlorn Legacy Windrunner-US

(From GuildOx website)

Draenor US is showing off its competitive side, as well, with most guilds now through ICC’s first wing. And with top guild Paradox cementing its No 1 server ranking by completing The Plagueworks recently. (Excellent start to the raiding season) Congrats!