News: May release for Cataclysm, 3D Armory

The guys from Ensidia is tipping a month of May release for the third Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm:

Amazon has put up their pre-order pages for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, priced $39.99.

If it follows TBC and WotLK trends this would mean that the expansion is coming out in 3-4 months, but this is probably more of a sales approach by Amazon*.

Worgen and Goblins.

Also, Blizz just released a 3D version of your armory. New improvements and features are available for the updated database:

  • Character Model Viewer: The character model viewer displays a character as he or she appears in-game. You can pan and zoom the camera, play animations, and save a default pose for everyone who visits your profile to see.
  • Activity Feeds: See a character’s most recent in-game actions, including achievements, boss kills, loot acquisitions, and more. You can customize your character feed and export it as an RSS feed, too.
  • Calendar Feeds: Export in-game player calendar data to online calendars such as Google Calendar, and automatically sync with your characters’ in-game calendars.

If you don’t know yet, head there now. (C’mmon! Now!)

*From “The NA (North America) listing carries no release date… the (Amazon) UK version shows a September 3, 2010 release date, which is probably just a guess, as no release date for the expansion has been announced.”