Taking a Shot at It: The Making of Warcraft Videos

It’s lazy Sunday morning and you want some inspiration from the game. Then head to Horde Review for their exclusive interview with “WoPairs”. Pairs is a young Aussie who’s already wowing Machinima (and Warcraft) fans with videos like “Abandonation vs Nation” and “Achievement Whore“.

So how do you start becoming a Machinimator? Do you have advice on where to start for someone wanting to begin creating Machinima?

It’s all about being creative. Have an idea go with it, experiment with different shots and angels and just have fun.

What are your favourite programs, and tools for Machinima?

Sony Vegas has been my favourite movie editor, but after effects has been looking promising.

Which ones do you not like to work with?

I tried adobe’s movie editor but I had problems with it.

I really started following you after your work on Abandonation vs. Nation in fact that was the first video ever featured on http://www.hordereview.com. How did it come for you to team up with Nation, and GiGi?

I singed up to the GCP forums that Nation and Gigi had and I promoted my machinimas there and out of the blue I get pm from Nation asking if I could do a machinima for him. Then weeks later a email from Gigi asking if I could help her with her interactive Halloween machinima. I would never had known I would be working with Nation and Gigi someday, but it happened. Still can’t get my head over it.

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Here’s hoping to see more projects from WoPairs!