The People That Loves WoW

USA Today asked some video game insiders to name five favourite games of the ‘decade’. So far, three people interviewed nominated World of Warcraft as the definitive MMORPG of the noughties.

Morgan Webb, co-host of G4 show X-Play:

World of Warcraft (2004). The MMORPG by which all others are judged, World of Warcraft took a niche genre and launched it to center stage with 11 million customers paying Blizzard a monthly fee to enter their world of Orcs, Goblins, and Dragons.

Peter Molyneux, creative director of European studios for Microsoft Game Studios; co-founder of Lionhead Studios:

World of Warcraft (2004). Not so much a game as a lifestyle. When playing WoW, the rest of the world seemed to go dim.

Andy McNamara, editor-in-chief of Game Informer magazine:

World of Warcraft (2004). You never quite know what to expect when you log into Blizzard’s colorful massively multiplayer game, which is why I find the game so engaging. It’s always finding ways to make the game better than it was the year before.

With such flattering remarks, who needs PR grads to market your game. And naturally if you haven’t heard of WoW yet, where have you been in the past five years?

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