Arthas on The Brink

It’s less than 72 hours before a Lich King showdown, boys and girls!

Aussie guild Adept is currently sitting  at No1 post after defeating Lana’thel and The Blood Prince Council. Apparently they all woke up in the morning “feeling like P Diddy” after their World First fight. So who’s back (and who’s not) on the GuildOx chart?

1 Adept Dreadmaul-US
2 Uprising Aerie Peak-US
3 vodka Alterac Mountains-US
4 V A N Q U I S H Blood Furnace-US
5 CUTIES ONLY Kil’jaeden-US
6 Spike Flail Ner’zhul-US
7 Premonition Sen’jin-US
8 Contempt Garrosh-US
9 Dark Pact Bloodhoof-US
10 Exodus Ysondre-US

Some familiar names here. (And then the misses!)

Arthas Becomes The Lich King (World of Warcraft lore)

Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand, was the son of King Terenas Menethil II and heir to the throne. He was trained as a paladin by Uther the Lightbringer, and had a romantic relationship with the sorceress Jaina Proudmoore. But despite his promising beginning, Arthas became one of the most powerful and evil beings Azeroth would ever experience when he merged with the Lich King. Read more…

Arthas and his trainer, Uther Lightbringer, were sent to the orc internment camps near Lordaeron to quell uprisings. Arthas defeated the orcs with the use of a magical fire weapon, but soon discovered that a plague of undeath was sweeping the northern villages of Lordaeron. The now-evil wizard Kel’Thuzad had transported the plague, originally the brainchild of the Lich King Ner’Zhul, to the towns of Brill and Stratholme through some infected grain. (Sorry for all the links to WoWWiki, but we’re sort of joining the story in the middle here and all the names can get confusing.) Arthas and Jaina went on a totally platonic mission to stop the plague, which Arthas accomplished by killing Kel’Thuzad. Arthas then headed north to Stratholme to kill the demon Mal’Ganis.

Arthas addressing his men in old Stratholme. (c)

When Arthas and Uther got to Stratholme, they discovered that the grain had already been distributed and the townspeople would soon become undead. Arthas ordered his troops to kill all the villagers. Horrified, Uther and Jaina refused and left with some of the Silver Hand forces. Arthas and his pals killed off the villagers and eventually ran into Mal’Ganis, who kind of just waved and said he’d see them later in Northrend. Gee, like that doesn’t sound like a trap at all. Arthas and his followers blindly headed off to Northrend, where they met Arthas’s old friend Muradin Bronzebeard. Arthas and Muradin searched the area for Mal’Ganis, but they were soon ordered to come back to Lordaeron by Terenas and Uther. Arthas said “Screw that!” and burned his boats so his men would have no way to get home but to kill Mal’Ganis. More…