Warcraft Couple Tie The Knot

This little story has it all– contemporary, love that conquers all, and of course happy ending.

Today a new married couple posted on the World of Warcraft forums from Blizzard today, and they have a message of thanks to give to the popular MMO creator.  Israeli-born Avlee and British born Erandel met virtually on the MMORPG on August 3rd, 2006. Avlee was touched by the appreciation of beauty that Erandel had for Dalaran Dome, a effected created by “residue from the magic dome”. Very recently the couple got married after living with each other for a year. Read more…

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We’ve heard of Warcraft (OK online games in particular) being the leg of many things in the past– morbid obesity, online scams, marital break-ups, violence, etc. But then there’s this that knots something good with our favourite online game. Congratulations to the newly wed couple!