What To Look For In a Guild Website?

If you’re thinking of launching a new site for your guild, try free webhosting first. Guildomatic, guildlaunch, guilzilla, guildportal, wowstead and similar webs hosting sites should be adequate for your beta period. If you have a knowledgeable hand to deal with the administration, get Joomla.

What To Look For...

With free sites (bare with the gold spams though… and they are annoying) most of them have ready-made templates and ‘bboard’ for your guild, some even allows you to customise and add features of your own (be prepared to read through basic website-building stuff but you should be OK).

Don’t spend money willy-nilly for your site. Give it 3-4 months if you are comfortable. You can also use a variety of free online tools to make your site more appealing– from templates to photo-editing. On the other hand, if you’re after a specialist program that will allow rooms for improvement, try vBulletin. A large amount of competitive guilds and wow fansites uses vBulletin for website design and forums. Check ’em out for yourself at http://www.vbulletin.com/ but be prepared to pay a premium price.

vBulletin (current price $285.00 for new license) is awesome but only if you’re willing to employ the program’s utilities fully, otherwise it might not be cost-efficient. Check http://wow.incgamers.com/forums/ as example.

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