WoW Global Tournament (Update)

After the US team and both EU teams secured their spot at this years Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals taking place at CeBIT early in March, the recently added Korean triplet achieved exactly the same, making it 4 SK teams out of 12 in total at the Hannover tournament.

Only three slots were left to qualify for the Global Finals and all of them went to Korean teams entering the Asian Championship event for World of WarCraft. Button Bashers played a perfect tournament, beating all of their opponents, among those SK Gaming in the semis and Mousesports in the grand final.

Mousesports logo

After a good groupstage, losing to Mousesports only, SK Gaming had to play Button Bashers in the semi finals and took a clear loss. The other semi was played between Death Bloom and Mousesports with the Koreans taking a convincing 4-1 and therefore facing Button Bashers.
This left one spot for the global finals played out between SK Gaming and Death Bloom this morning and without giving away a single map, SK booked their ticket for Hannover with a 4-0.

This result increases the number of SK-tagged teams in the WoW tournament to 4 in total. The massive WoW presence of SK is completed by the CS team that qualified by winning the Chengdu event in 2009 already and SK.Rapha who won the Dubai challenge. (SK Gaming)

Congratulations to all the teams participating this year.