Love and an Extended Maintenance

Stormwind Gondola (c)

This year’s Valentine themed festival in Azeroth will have players converge in Stormwind for the Allianceand the Hordes in Orgimmar.  What’s new this year is the addition of a seasonal boss– the Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep.

This boss can be battled upon completion of a short quest chain, though it is likely that the first step need not be completed and you can just accept the quest outside of Shadowfang Keep and zone in to complete it. The boss will respawn immediately after being killed, so every member of your party will be able to summon and kill the boss once for the daily quest without having to reset the instance.

ALSO, there has been an extended maintenance today in all realms, and we haven’t heard an explanation or response from Blizzard. (Pretty much the usual line here). Oh well, patience is a virtue.


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