Phishing Alert

Don't Let Others Phish Your Account

A WoW fan recently posted on MMo-Champion of a dubious email received recently.

The email reads:

Hi [my name] – Thanks for your subscription order, and welcome to the World of Warcraft Official Magazine!

We want to make sure you get your copy, so please take a second and double check that the address we have for you in the box to the left is correct.

If it’s not, or if you have any other customer service inquiries, please visit us at [removed] to log into your account with the account number provided.

One last thing – please save your account details and bookmark the customer service link above as you’ll need them to get back in touch with us.

Thanks again for subscribing, if you haven’t received your first issue yet, it’s being mailed and will be with you soon!

The website address mentioned in the e-mail is clickable, but the link sends you to a malicious site. Furthermore, the poster noted that the email looked almost authentic with the person’s correct name and address (creepy!) but an incorrect subscription number. (That’s why always open your eyes, people!)

A cyber-law consultant recently warned that common sense is the only defense against such attacks. (Naturally, an up-to-date anti-virus software as well). “Always be wary of short URLS which can mask malicious sites.” Educate yourself.

Top tips

1. Be wary of adding strangers to your friends list

2. Be careful while clicking on shortened URLs

3. Use strong passwords (With more than six characters and numbers included) . Create different passwords for different accounts

4. Be cautious while using third-party applications and sharing private data with them

5. If you’re getting unusual messages from a friend, give the person a tell

No one wants a hacked account. Don’t get dupe, if you don’t trust what you’re reading– then don’t buy it!

Ed. The official Warcraft magazine site is