Puggernaut Growing Fast

Draenor's Puggernaut on Fire

The group was only coping with 500 members last time this blog reported on Puggernaut . This week, Draenor’s own announced its 700th pugger.

Not bad for a group that started as project amongst WoW friends, and with an all-purpose vision.

“I’ve started a new project with a few friends and wanted to spread the word,” one of its founding ‘fathers’ wrote. “We are building a raiding community called Puggernaut that facilitates pickup group raid sign-ups and raid management. Everyone is welcome to join and you don’t have to leave your guild to be a member.” (April 2009, Midnight Eclipse)



2 thoughts on “Puggernaut Growing Fast

  1. Update we are 800 members strong and growing! You will be seeing us grow even faster we are speading to more servers everyday. Come raid with us sign up and get your raid on!

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