Hunter’s Mana Gone For Cat

Cataclysm Hunter Changes

Hunters’ won’t be needing mana come Cataclysm, according to the latest stats and system changes announced yesterday. OK, the news isn’t really new more a recap.

“The shift from mana to focus is a huge change for Hunters.  (It’ll) take a bit to get used to the new system, but I believe an energy system is probably going to be better for Hunters than the mana system overall,” wrote The Hunter’s Refuge.

Changes announced so far:

  • Hunter’s mana is GONE!!!
  • Hunters now use focus, no longer care about intellect or mana regen.
  • Focus regenerates contunously, Steady shot improves the rate of getting focus bag.
  • Hunters will have fewer cooldowns on abilities
  • Ammos will become an item, not a consumable.
  • Expect to see a lot more stamina on gears
  • Existing Attack Power becomes Agility and Stamina.Armor Penetration becomes Haste or Crit.