Rogue’s Guide To Raiding

The Spying Game

Check the updated Rogue’s guide to raiding by Uhohuhoh (commissioned for Ensidia) . Some new and revealing facts about the rogue class here. (And what’s the no 1 rule for rogues according to the guide? Don’t wipe and don’t die :) )

Also, if you’re still figuring out what the Cat stats changes entail you… here’s what you need to remember:

Attack Power –Agility will now grant the appropriate amount of AP (2 ap= 1 Agi.), that means you’ll be getting double the amount of AP you’re receiving now. AP will no longer be present on most items, and existing AP will be converted into agility and stamina.

Armor Pen– Armor penetration (ArP) will still be a sort of class passive. Come Cat. though it’ll be removed from most items

Haste– Haste will generate more energy. Existing ArP will be converted to haste.

Agility– Agi. will provide less crit than it currently does. It’ll still appear on your gears along with expertise, crit. strike rating and hit.