Shadowclan of Ravenholdt: Hordereview interview

If you’re into role-play, be sure not to miss HordeReview’s interview with the Shadowclan.

Shadowclan of Ravenholdt (US) that has been around for over 10 years now. Shadowclan began in Ultima Online as a group of players emersed in the roleplaying aspects as a tribe of orcs that are distrusting of other non orcs, or other tribes.

Here’s some of it (Hope Bess wouldn’t mind :))

Shadowclan appears to have been around for a long time and survived through multiple games on the market. How did this group initially form?
In 1997 a small group of now-historical individuals (we call them Elders) playing Ultima Online wanted a more intelligent enemy to fight than the NPCs. They ended up putting on NPC orc armor and helms, playing as orcs, and becoming that intelligent enemy for others.
What is it about World of Warcraft that drew the guild in to begin with?
Orcs! That we could be orcs again was one of the first things that caught our attention. Of course world PvP, the shine of a new gaming world, and the quality of the game were important too.
Is there a particular event or memory for the guild that stands out from their time in World of Warcraft these past five years?
For many of us, some of our best memories are of early PvP experiences or events, such as the Yeti Cave defenses in Hillsbrad, or the assault on Duskwood when we ended up holing up in a barn just outside of town while swarms of Alliance characters fought to get inside and wipe us out. Some of us also fondly remember the six weeks after launch, during which we spent large amounts of time in-game testing new members, holding basic boot-camps (new member training), and putting the clan together in-game.
In World of Warcraft, you maintain a strong hostility toward the Alliance, being on an RP-PvP realm, but you also remain a clan of orcs untrusting of the Hordes other racial alliances (reportedly aside from the occasional troll who has proven his or her worth). Does this present you with a challenge with any aspects of gameplay given your limited access to World of Warcraft classes?
Class limitations have definitely been a challenge (probably more so in the past). But Shadowclan overcame these obstacles by learning how to use what we had and work together as a team. We defeated the Dwarf Army room in Blackrock Depths when everyone said it couldn’t be done without a mage. We cleared Upper Blackrock Spire with all-orc raids, when again it was claimed to be impossible. We defeated Mechanar with a four-orc group of three shamans and one warrior. We even ran through Heroic Shattered Halls with one troll priest and four orc warriors! It does require a certain stubbornness, and a willingness to keep trying and alter strategies to fit our group composition. Some players who are more loot-focused can get frustrated with this sort of play style, but often those victories were a lot more satisfying then the times when we were able to blaze through dungeons with no troubles at all.


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