Net Nominated for Nobel

WTH: Net Gets Nobel Peace Nod

According to reports the internet is one of 237 minerals, vegetables, animals, people and organisations that are in the running to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

You. Time's Person of the Year 2006

While no one should rule out the internet’s chances of winning, it does pose a few interesting questions, not least of which: who would make the internet’s acceptance speech should it win and who would collect the 10 million Swedish kronor prize money?

To remind our readers, you already won the coveted Time magazine’s PERSON OF THE YEAR. Back in 2006 when Warren Buffet donated US$ 30 bn to philanthropy, Pollack’s No 5 became the most pricey painting sold (then denied) and the Wii was released in North America, the world wide web was chosen above all.

This year, world wide web might be the popular choice for the Nobel. But who might be qualified enough to accept the gold medal for us all? Australian Senator Conroy is an unlikely choice after his Internet Villain award last year. The Google boys may-be a shoo-in after their uneasy involvement with the Chinese market. But that’s a big may-be. MoveOn and Tea Party jointly accepting the award is too American and cumbersome. And what about celebrity ghostwriters on Twitter? A LOL for that one… too 🙂

Amongst the serious contenders are Sheila Coronel of the Philippines, net ‘creators’ Larry Roberts, Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee, Nicholas Negroponte (founder of $100 laptop) and, of course, The Internet for Peace group which count international celebs and dignitaries as supporters (Giorgio Armani and Shirin Ebadi are amongst its high profile aficionados).

Deserving: Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of OLPC Inc

With the Nobel’s emphasis on ‘fraternity between nations’ and ‘for holding and promotion of peace’. The internet is as qualified a platform as the UN to open up an opportunity for peace– in the future.