WTH: Guitar Hero Will Be Used To Gauge Inflation Risk

‘Guitar Hero,’ lip gloss added to new U.K. Inflation Data Basket

Oddly enough. Music video games such as Activision Blizzard Inc.’s “Guitar Hero,” where players use toy instruments to perform songs by Metallica and other groups, will join the new UK CPI basket of goods used to calculate inflation according to news report by Bloomberg.

Lip gloss, hair straighteners and bottles of mineral water are also among products that the Office for National Statistics will assess when it collects about 180,000 prices every month for its selection of 650 goods and services. Items leaving the list include lipstick, hair dryers and cans of carbonated beverages, the agency said today.

This year’s update to the basket of goods and services that are used to calculate British inflation provides a snapshot of the country’s changing tastes and new technology.