Happy Birthday dot com!

B-day! Birth of the internet revolution

Via Metro. Twenty-five years ago, this week, a computer firm Symbolics registered a web address ending in dotcom – or .com – and set the internet ball rolling.The internet revolution took a while to get going. During the course of 1985 another five dotcoms – bbn.com, think.com, mcc.com, dec.com and northrop.com – all blinked into life on the web.

By 1997 there were one million dotcoms, between 2000 and 2010 a whopping 57 million domain names were registered and today 668,000 dotcoms are registered every month.

“This birthday is really significant because what we are celebrating here is that the internet and dotcom is a good, well known placeholder for the rest of the internet,” Mark Mclaughlin, chief executive officer of Verisign, which manages dotcom domains, told the BBC.

“Who would have guessed 25 years ago where the internet would be today. This really was a groundbreaking event.”

———— 25th Anniversary of Dot-com ————