MMO Leads To Target Potential Players

Things To Come: MMO leaders are mulling the rising influence of social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars

Via Big players in the massively multiplayer online games space say they don’t need a World of Warcraft killer, as long as they can keep expanding the audience for MMOs.

This week, a panel composed of top executives from Zynga, BioWare, Nexon and Funcom tackled several questions about the MMO genre, which now encompasses games from the free-to-play Facebook timewaster Mafia Wars all the way to BioWare’s lavish Star Wars: The Old Republic. Much of the discussion centered around incorporating the features of social games like FarmVille into the rest of the genre.

“I don’t think the market necessarily requires someone to fail in order for another group to succeed,” said BioWare cofounder Ray Muzyka. “When you bring in a new license, like we did with Star Wars… we know there’s millions and millions of potential players that we can bring into the fold just because of that”.