EA Ups The Ante with Need For Speed, Free-To-Play MMO

Upcoming Need For Speed MMO Free-To-Play

Via GamePro. Senior producer John Doyle and producer Marc De Vellis explains how the new free-to-play online MMO version of Need for Speed blends the best parts of all the previous games in the series, including the maps from both Carbon and Most Wanted.

The structure of Need for Speed World will be familiar to anyone that’s played a game in the series since the days of Underground in 2002, but with a community element integrated so that instead of simply driving around a city filled with A.I. drivers looking for challenges, it will be all human players. “The game is divided up much like a lot of older games in the series,” producer Marc De Vellis told Game Pro during the demo. “The ‘Explore’ mode lets you look around the city, and then you’ll eventually be able to participate in pretty much all of the event types that we’ve had in the series over the past few years.”

Most importantly the game is a free to play MMO. This isn’t to say that it won’t cost you money if you become really engaged in it, but the basic experience is completely free.