ICC Mage Tidbits, and LFG Solution

ICC Strats For Mage: DPS is your role, but staying alive is your job

Courtesy of Puggernaut.com

Marrowgar: Your wards are you friend, especially specc’d into Incanter’s Absorption (even if this talent will be nerfed to the ground come 3.3.3 this will not be effected by it) save yourself some damage from Coldflame, though outside of bonestorm, there is no reason to not stand in melee range and not have to dance around them.

Deathwhisper: Make sure you are SPELLSTEALING off the Deformed Fanatics it will prevent them from healing if they manage to hit someone while they are kited, and it heals you for a brick-ton

Gunship: Eh nothing special.

Saurfang: remember to use Frostfire Bolt to help slow the beasts, a little extra security is nice (my favorite is saving PoM for this ==instant FFB) also, of course, nova if the get close and either run or blink away

: Blink is your best friend. from blinking to spores, blinking in/out of the group for injections, out of slime, away from angry green slimes you name it. just make sure you know which way you’re facing

Putricide: Blink buys extra time on the green slime since you are frozen, also on the orange while kiting. 2nd best friend: Invisibility. when tear gas goes out you can invis and not be affected by it, allowing you to sink some damage either into Putricide himself or perhaps polish off an add that wasn’t dropped before the tear gas. this occurrs twice in the fight, more than plenty of time for the cooldown

Blood Princess
: Blink can be equally handy and deadly in here. getting away from people for empowered vortex on valanar, but you can also blink from one set of people into another, chance for getting you/others killed. For taldaram, a well-placed blink can get you away from the fireball, buying time for others to soak damage, or get you under fire to soak damage for someone else, perhaps get you in range of a kinetic bomb about to drop that a pet wasn’t able to cover. Keleseth is simple, just don’t pull aggro, or wait to dorp your images while attacking this boss depending on how much threat the tank has into him, it’s not often hard for mages to unexpectedly jump high on aggro from a few nicely lined up crits.

Blood Queen: I don’t think i can really praise blink enough in ICC so many ways to get in trouble, and this can often get you out (even if only for a moment, those critical mili-seconds can be life or death) If you have swarming shadows, blink to the edge of the room and kite the shadow ‘fire’ much like legion flame only really nasty. after her air phase with aoe fear, if you are bitten, this is an easy way to get to your target, or get to your biter. I would not recommend blinking on pact of the darkfallen, the movement is too jerky and can get you and others nearby killed from unnecessary aoe damage.

Dreamwalker: it’s a big room, blink around to get to you target, or across the room to help the other side. If you are in a lull, but sometimes the travel isn’t worth it, that one’s an in-the-moment judgement call. frost warding is vital to keep up, when the liches are out, but fire ward is easily as important when the blazing guys are out if you are not killing them fast enough before they get their room-wide aoe off. the void-zone-esque mana-drain pools dropped are a good time to blink away as they cause a slowing effect. as a mage it is your duty to place Amplify magic on dreamwalker herself (yes that spell is still in our books) have your counterspell handy for the frost guys too, I know our cooldown is long but every bit helps.

: FROST WARD every chance you have, careful with that if affected by unchained magic, but absorbing the damage is kind to your healers (constant frost aoe being taken raid-wide) and points in incanter’s absorption will give you free spellpower and frost warding will give you free mana and glyphed frost ward will give chance to reflect the damage. BLINK away from her after being pulled in for blistering cold, best way to guarantee you’ll be out in time, jsut make sure you know which direction you are facing before you blink.

Lich King: Blink again! (i swear we have other spells in that damn book, I promise!) blink is good for phase shifts due to remorseless winter, or the ground dropping off from beneath your feet. blink towards your val’kyr target as she flies off with your comrades, a PoM-FFB is also a handy secondary slow if others fail. Blink away from your group if defile lands on you, the more to the edge away from the action the better as it will quickly swallow the raid if anyone else is nearby.

Ed. For guilds desperate of players showing up to raids, the always innovative Puggernaut has just launched the WoWTwitter LFG. Basically, it’s  LFG box direct to your browser, and they’ll send you raids notification via email. Advance warning though, WoWTwitter is not part of the in-game LFG system. Kapish 🙂


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    • Tnx for the kind words. My only caveat though is that the Puggernaut LFG is not part of the in-game LFG (as mentioned on the post). All the best with your future raids.

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    • Hey!

      It’s best to contact Puggernaut directly. I know the group has its own ‘supported guilds’ but I don’t have the details on me. The contact person is Thornhoof of Puggernaut 🙂

  4. Thanks for the mage tips. Very helpful!

    I use puggernaut too. Great group of peeps! Its nice to see people helping people play and have fun. Puggernauts all about that I think. 😉 (Post edited)

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    • Any pointers for me?

      Yes. take your time 🙂

      Also some of the existing linked blogs on our blogrolls might interest you. Give you some ideas and motivations. All the best.

  6. thanks for (supporting my post on) Puggernaut!

    i spoke directly with thor about the signing guilds up to help fill out their numbers for raids. in the mean time, contacting some of the leadership (including myself) and designing a puggergroup is a step in the right direction, more will be hammered out in the future.

    it’s always wonderful to hear good things about what we do at puggernaut! your continued support is greatly appreciated. (Post edited)

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