5 Reasons Console MMO Will Always Fail

The popular brand, World of Warcraft, won’t be changed for console market anytime soon.

1. Commitment: Let’s face it; people have probably logged more collective time playing MMOs than any other genre of game on the planet. If you’ve ever played one for any length of time, you can understand why. It takes a significant amount of time to advance in levels, gather better equipment and hone crafting skills…. MMOs are without a doubt one of the biggest and least rewarding (to the general populace) commitments you can enter into. For many, the thought of essentially taking on a second job playing as an elven wizard isn’t terribly appealing.

2. Cost: The MMO takes paying for your games in a completely different direction than has been done by any genre before. Originally you just bought the game and that was all you ever had to pay. With an MMO it’s understandably different; in

addition to the initial costs of developing and distributing the game, you have to maintain the servers that run the game, programmers to fix any bugs or errors,customer service representatives and more designers to create new content to keep things fresh for existing customers.

Hit &  Miss

A Perfect Plan: MMO companies are in the business of creating hits like World of Warcraft and SOE's Free Realms

3. Other Console Gamers: Some adult PC gamers deride consoles as ‘toys for kids’. To a certain extent that’s true; it’s far easier for a kid to convince his parents to pay a few hundred dollars to get a console, rather than the greater expenditure making a quality gaming PC is.

4. Cultural Appeal: Let’s face it, even amongst gamers there’s something of a hierarchy. Who is at the top likely depends on perspective, but in the general public, gaming is still stigmatized by many…. In the view of more casual gamers and non-gamers alike, there’s no subculture quite so bizarre as the MMO player. You spend an incredible amount of time playing a game where you pretend to be someone else, with no ultimate goal in mind beyond playing the game. It’s defined as a social experience by many, but it’s hard to explain how you’re being social with people on

the other end of a computer.

5. Control Schemes: Video game controllers have changed an incredible amount from their origins. In the beginning there were just a d-pad or joystick and a button or two. Eventually the systems could handle more and more commands and inputs, so the controllers had to be more complex. The modern, seemingly

“There’s no subculture quite so bizarre as the MMO player.”

ergonomic controller is studded with buttons and has multiple analog sticks that would confuse and bewilder someone transplanted from the early 80s. Yet to encapsulate the vast array of controls in the average MMO, you’d likely need at least six or seven different functions for each button.

Via Planet Xbox360.