World 1st Kill For Paragon, Blizzcon 2010 Announced

Via Zam News. Celebrations all around! It looks like the elite raiding team, Paragon, has, after a staggering 170+ attempts, managed to bring down the 25-person Heroic Mode Lich King! Not only is the entire guild enjoying the accolades that come with a World First kill, but their lucky Warlock, Tsukky, also got to walk away with Arthas’ Invincible Mount, the first of its kind in the World of Warcraft.

This year's event will showcase discussion panels with Blizzard's developers, giveaway prizes, and contests/ tournaments for dedicated fans.

ALSO Blizzard just announced that the 2010 BLIZZCON will be held on October 22- 23 at the Anaheim Convention Center. (Nope it won’t be in Vegas). The annual convention will serve as a gathering place for the Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo gaming communities. It’ll showcase discussion panels with the company’s developers, giveaway prizes, and tournaments for dedicated fans.

“BlizzCon offers us a great opportunity to meet with our players and share our enthusiasm for gaming with one of the most passionate communities in the world,” said CEO Mike Morhaime in the press release.