Bioware announces new online AH

Mass Effect publisher reveals new online auction house "Bioware Bazaar"

Via The Escapist. BioWare’s mysterious countdown has come to an end in a rather unexpected but completely hilarious fashion: A complete meltdown of the BioWare website.

The BioWare countdown first came to light late last week when a six-day countdown clock appeared on the studio’s main site as well as the Dragon Age and Mass Effect websites. Speculation ran hot: Some suggested it could be the official opening of The Old Republic beta, while others called for a Mass Effect 3 announcement. But when the clock finally ticked to zero mere moments ago, we got something else entirely: A site crash.

Ed. Bioware reveals a new online auction website that will feature over 400 game/ memorabilia items ranging from custom painted PC’s, Alienware laptops, apparels and more!