Blogging… and a Basket of Chocolates

A blogger muses the anonymity and the non-thrilling task of blogging.

The blog wishes:

There would be a post here daily or even twice a day. I would smile as my wit filled each page or is it smile as I typed my wit into each post? I would have wit -okay? The comments would come from around the world…. Yes, if humor blogging was that easy for me, you’d be here all the time. I know you would. Yes, if humor writing was so easy (this blog) would be on everyone’s lips.

“Did you read what she wrote yesterday? I laughed and laughed.”

“Yes, ROFL, LOL, LMAO, all those things.”

Yes, if humor blogging was that easy. Well, you’d still be reading this post.

To this blogger. A big /sigh– no one will grant your wish. LOL

But as your post included a REALLY nice pic of chocolates… here’s one for you too 🙂

The Agency wishes  all (and bloggers) a safe and Happy Easter!