Revenue Up For Chinese Online Gaming in 2009

The Chinese are Coming! Online games in China are projected to earn US$9.2 bil in revenues by 2014.

Chinese MMOs and social network services apparently suffered no pain in 2009, according to a report. In fact, both industries are betted to grow to about a US$9.2 bil market by 2014, up almost threefold from US$3.57 bil last year.

(U.S. online gamers last year spent US$3.8 bil. Slightly beating their Chinese counterparts)

According to the research by Niko Partners, 63% of Chinese gamers increased their spending on online games. Another 65% of those surveyed admitted to going to net cafes despite having a personal computer, but did so to socialize and participate in gaming competitions.

What’s more is that SNS and MMOs are expected to garner more than 141 million Chinese consumers in the coming years, up from the current 68 million.

Check out Web2Asia China internet report, 2009, Nikko Press Release, Sep. 2009.