SOE New MMO To Hit Beta ‘Soon’

Well, there’s good news for MMO-shooter fans as SOE hinted that the beta for its new online game, The Agency, will come out ‘sooner rather than later’.  SOE president John Dmedley said in an interview that the new action shooter MMO will be playable “within weeks.” He refused to get specific with the date, but added that SOE is “proud with the progress it’s made” and the crew is happy with the game.

To view screenshots of the game, click here.

Synopsis. The Agency is a pick-up-and-play experience where players assume the role of elite agents in a modern-day world. Both solo players and groups will enjoy a wide variety of cooperative and competitive story-driven missions set in exotic locales across the globe.

“The inspiration for The Agency came from the spy and espionage genre. We want to put players in the heart of the action to experience what it’s really like to live the life of an elite agent,” said Hal Milton, Lead Designer, Sony Online Entertainment. “Players will jet set around this virtual world to exotic locales, infiltrate enemy organizations to steal secrets and perpetrate sabotage, all the while building their own agency with an eye towards global domination.”

Persistent character development allows players to supplement their gear with exotic and powerful skills that make them feel like the elite agents they’ve always dreamt of becoming. Additionally, in lieu of the typical class systems in many other games, The Agency’s approach is simply, “You Are What You Wear.” Players will customize their character’s attire based on the mission at hand, emphasizing combat, support, stealth, or even cover identities. (Read More)

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The game’s Facebook spin-off, The Agency: Covert Ops.  A game where you can customize your avatar, hq, play mini-games to test your spying skills, and gain access to the latest cutting-edge technology available only the most elite international agents.

Ed. Glad to see an online game with the same name as our guild (that’s about it, I’m afraid). LOL And finally! a game that introduces action, covert operations and intrigue in its plot 🙂