What’s Your Story

For folks thinking of heading to the new Story forum now, here are some favorite lores (and unusual ones) you might want to talk about:

1. The Defias Brotherhood

Their story begins with the player chatting a rogue to infiltrate a bunch of militias, and ends ferociously by assassinating Edwin VanCleef inside his labyrinthine hideout.

2. Menethil Dynasty and Arthas Menethil

Their poignant saga finishes with the demise of Arthas, Crown Prince of Lordaeron, and the liberation of Azeroth. A thriving metropolis in Wetlands was founded during the dynasty's prime.

3. Thrall

Raised by a drunken general, Thrall sought the alliance of Warsong clan to liberate the orcs from the corruption of Kil'jaeden. An able strategist, he helped free the encamped orcs in Durnholde and founded the province of Durotar and its capital Orgimmar.

4. Timbermaw Hold

Guardians of the tunnel connecting Felwood with Winterspring and the capital of the Cenarion Circle (Moonglade). The Timbermaws are powerful shamans that value alliance, above all, so they may restore the once peaceful forests of Felwood.

5. Stalvan Mistmantle

An undead noble with an enigmatic past. Stalvan Mistmantle developed a fatal attraction with one of his students. This character and storyline was inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita.

6. Nat Pagle

The most famous and well-known fisherman in World of Warcraft. He also has a soft spot for alcohol.

7. Onyxia

A wily conspirator, Onyxia once enjoyed a powerful presence in the human capital of Stormwind and connived to undermine the kingdom's affairs.

8.  Theramore Deserters

Disloyal guards are plotting to end Stormwind's authority over Theramore. With the player's aid you can eliminate the problem caused by the Deserters by capturing their leader, Gavis Greyshield.

9. Hemet Nesingwary

An anagram of author Ernest Hemingway, Nesingwary quests (given by his son) begin in Stranglethorn Vale. Hemet can be found in Nagrand and Sholazar Basin, and is an avid hunter and safari traveler.

10. Col. Kurzen

Former leader of the human expedition to Stranglethorn Vale, Col. Kurzen becomes possessed by the foul magic of a powerful mage. He is an allusion to Col. Kurtz from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

11. The Culling of Stratholme

The people were yelping for help, yet Arthas decided it was already too late and slaughtered the villagers of Stratholme. It was a pivotal moment for the young noble—before he became the Lich King, and the plot one of the central lores in Warcraft.

12. Argent Dawn

A fraternity to eradicate malevolent forces in Azeroth. The Argent Dawn has several subfactions including the Brotherhood of the Light, and (unlike the Scarlet Crusade) operates with Hordes as well as the Alliance.

13.Steamwheedle Cartel/ Blackwater Raiders

Steamwheedle and Blackraiders are like your normal, modern-day equivalent of multinational companies-- except run by green goblins. Fans of RPG have long suspected that the two maybe aligned with the notorious Venture Company

14. Explorer’s Guild

The mission is to explore and uncover the genesis of the Dwarven race. Camp sites can be found allover Azeroth, as the guild hunts for titan artifacts and lost treasures. The guild is housed in Ironforge.

15. The Auchenai faction

This cabal of Draeneis’ indulge in the practice of dark magic. Obsessed with apocalyptic fantasies, their base is located in the ruins of Auchindon. Exarch Maladaar serves as the leader of Auchindon faction.

16. Dalaran

The historic city of Dalaran was carved out from its former site in the Alterac Mountains and transferred high above Crystalsong Forest. The old Dalaran was a sanctuary for wizards and the center of arcane study in Arathor. The loose use of magic amongst its inhabitants was blamed for the old city's decline.

17. Uther the Lightbringer

Murdered by his beloved student Arthas Menethil, Uther commanded the Knights of the Silver Hand during the Second War. Uther was one of the most formidable and notable characters of Azeroth

18. Twilight’s Hammer

Disciples of Cho'Gall's teachings. This nihilistic group will occupy an important role in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion.

19. Garrosh Hellscream and the Warsong Clan

Perhaps the most powerful Horde clan, the Warsong is known for their violence and mastery of the sword and blades. Its chieftain, Garrosh Hellscream, led the Horde expedition in Northrend and rumored to be the next Horde chief for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion

20. The Dark Portal

A portal bridging the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor was created by a powerful prophet and the Titans’ worst enemy, Sargeras. The opening of the portal ushered forth The First War