Thousands Queued For Virtual WoW Pet, Mount

Via Gamasutra. As many as 140,000 World of Warcraft players have queued to purchase the subscription-based MMORPG’s recently introduced virtual items: a $25 Celestial Steed mount and a $10 Lil’ XT pet (priced at €20 and €10, respectively, for Europe).

Added to the online Blizzard Store yesterday, the digital goods immediately attracted a high volume of orders, so much so that the shop began placing interested buyers in an automated queue to allow “controlled batches of visitors to finalize their purchases on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Within six hours after Blizzard added the items to its store, the number of gamers queuing to buy one of the virtual animals jumped up to 80,000. That number reached more than 140,000 several hours later, and users waited an estimated seven hours to complete their purchase.

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