Brand ‘Google’ Named Most Reputable, Admired

The Warcraft brand didn’t made the list (sorry, folks!) but internet giant Google was crowned this week as the world’s most reputable brand. The company famed for its ‘Don’t be evil’ motto was ranked no 1 for “pulling in consumer admiration for new technologies that touch consumers’ lives. (And for) producing forward-thinking products that have emotional and rational appeal.”

Google, along with pulling in $6.7 billion in advertising revenue for the first quarter of 2010 (up 23% from the same time period last year), offers free services, such as e-mail and maps, for anyone to use. Read More

More importantly, of course, the Google brand made it to the top by cultivating a global reputation founded on the “appearance of transparency”. Despite the China fiasco early this year— the international brand managed to grip tight on the most basic of all business tenets– which is trust.

When Google made a daunting decision to pull out of China– to avoid showing censored search results to Chinese netizens— the search engine giant “sent a message to the rest of the world that its values would be placed ahead of its profits.”

The survey, made by the Reputation Institute, also ranked Japan’s electronic giant Sony second place.*

* The Institute conducted a number of surveys around the world in January 2010 and then entered the 54 brands most respected in their home countries into a secondary, global survey. The online survey asked consumers to rate companies for “trust, esteem, admiration, and good feeling,” producing a reputation score of up to 100. Companies with global ratings above 70 earned a spot on the “world’s most reputable” list. (From Gamespot)