Guild Stealing

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When I logged in yesterday to do my warlock’s jewelcrafting daily, I noticed in /2 that somebody was advertising that my old TBC guild was back and recruiting for 10 mans. After a quick /who on the guy, I noticed that he was indeed in that guild. I’m aware that in Wrath it had some problems and in the end, the members and officers alike decided to part ways. The GM left a message on the guild’s forums letting people know that he’d decided to transfer and if anybody wished to take over and try, by all means they could ask him. One of the core members took guild leadership though almost all of the core had quit the game or left for other guilds by this point.

With it being one of the oldest guilds on the server, being formed fairly early in vanilla WoW, it had formed a strong core of members who had come to call the guild home almost. Though I’d left at around Christmas, I still have a kind of attachment to the guild, I’ve met some decent people in there and have some damn good memories. So, to see some random guy who nobody knew advertising that the guild was “back! And recruiting for Toc 10 man.” Blah blah, with the original guild website and everything, I thought to myself well that just sounds wrong.

I spoke to a couple of friends who’d both had officer positions in the guild, one of which has since moved on and mostly quit WoW. The other didn’t like the way it was advertised either. However, I think everybody agreed that it would be best to leave it.

Anyway, checked the forums today, after all of the “no this guild is the oldest on the server” crap that’s always tossed around but is highly irrelevant, and the “who exactly are you?” from old members, there was a comment which lit up the whole situation for what it really is. A theft.

This guy had, according to the post, been promoted to officer after the guild had stopped raiding and everybody had pretty much left, saying he wanted to invite a few friends. After the GM (the guy who took over after the original GM transferred) had been offline for quite a long time, possibly a month, the guy had contacted a game master to get the guild master position transferred over to him. He kicked many old core members and their alts. He stole the contents of the guild bank, about 24k gold, about 12k golds worth of Ulduar BoEs, nto to mention all of the food, flasks, etc. left in there. Then logging an alt to spam putting in 1g and removing it to cover up what he took.

This caused uproar amongst the old members, who came back over to contact a game master to fix the problem and get back what was stolen from them. Alongside this, the guy responsible has a black mark against his name and was removed from the guild he went on to join. The guild may have been a shell, but stealing everything and threatening to disband really went too far. Luckily, everything is back in place now, somebody else has been given the guild master position. Though it came very close to being all gone.

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