BioWare Mulls Small-Scale MMOs

Not Just Star Wars: Development of small scale MMOs will continue, BioWare announced recently.

While BioWare is still working on big RPG projects such as the upcoming Dragon Age 2 and its debut MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic the developer also has some smaller scale games it its working on. Reporting from the UK Develop conference, Eurogamer reports that BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk stated the company is ” … working on smaller MMO type games across the group – things all over the space”

BioWare has worked on smaller scale games before including a Facebook game and an iPhone game based on Mass Effect which Zeschuk admitted, “It wasn’t the best one – people point that out to us. We learned the hard way.” He stated that the development team has made games that were never released that were “way better” than the iPhone game: “Large scale MMOs. Small scale MMOs. We’re going to continue to do triple-A console, but we’re also going to be exploring pretty aggressively.” He said that we will be able to see the fruits of these smaller projects “within the next year.”

Via Game Daily