$100 Mil Cost For StarCraft II False

Not Made of Money: Original WSJ estimate of StarCraft II budget false.

Earlier last week Wall Street Journal pegged a figure on development expenses for StarCraft II, which reportedly sat at a lofty $100 million. Turns out, it was an oversight. The publication confused Blizzard’s RTS with that of MMO World of Warcraft, according to a list of amended corrections.

So just how much was spent on the StarCraft sequel? Blizzard isn’t saying. Admittedly, we were skeptical of the $100 million figure being tossed around at first. The only reason it was borderline plausible in SC2′s case is the fact that it is an extremely polished game — coupled with the fact that it has taken Blizzard years worth of manpower to reach the point of completion.

Via Exophase