Not Another Top Ten MMO List….

This time by Yahoo’s Associated Content

MMORPG’s may not be very old but they are one of the hottest genre of games on the market. Some MMORPG’s cost to buy and then cost every month you play, some cost for the initial game then are free, and some are free all the time. MMORPG’s take a large amount of your time so knowing which games are the best will save you lots of time. Here is a list of the top 10 MMORPG’s.

1. World Of Warcraft.

No game has a larger number of players. This is the most massive of the MMORPG’s. While Ultima Online may have popularized the MMORPG World Of Warcraft took the MMORPG to a whole new level. No other game has received so much attention in the media from people dying while playing it, psychological studies on it, economic studies, and no single game has been parodied in the media more then World Of Warcraft. This is little question that World Of Warcraft deserves the top spot on this list.

2. Ultima Online

Yet another aging game on this list but Ultima Online could close down and it would still belong on this list of its historical importance to the genre. I will not go into describing the game if you know anything about MMORPG’s you know about Ultima Online already. All I will say is what most already know that Ultima Online is the game that popularized the MMORPG genre. This is the grand daddy of all MMORPG and what is amazing is it is still being played after over 10 years.

3. Mafia Wars

Is Mafia Wars a MMORPG? This is an arguable point and because of this I think that at least one Facebook game needs to be represented here. It certainly is massive in its numbers beating most every game on this list for players. It is played online, and it is a kind of roleplaying game. The in game interaction though is limited compared to other MMORPG’s. Whether or not you consider Mafia Wars a MMORPG you can not deny its huge popularity. Mafia Wars also goes to show that a game can be good and free.

4. Guild Wars

Guild Wars is another example of an aging MMORPG. Guild Wars does not charge a subscription fee. Once you buy the game you can play as long as you like. Some expansions have been made but not as many as other MMORPG. Guild Wars offers gameplay on PVP servers of none PVP servers for those like myself that don’t really like PVP. While Guild Wars is getting older it is still popular and Guild Wars is doing what Star Wars Galaxies should do and is making a Guild Wars II which means Guild Wars II should replace Guild Wars on this list soon. It is likely that Guild Wars II will be just as popular as Guild Wars was at its peak.

5. Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI has the distinction of being the first cross platform MMORPG. The gameplay for Final Fantasy XI is a bit different as it is a console based game not a computer based  game. Having limited inputs may bother some players. Playing Final Fantasy XI is a bit different then other MMORPG’s. Final Fantasy XI is getting a bit old but still has a strong following. The real reason for the popularity of this game is the Final Fantasy world which it is based in. If it were not for this being a Final Fantasy game it would likely not be as popular now as it once was, yet now it has more players then ever because it is a Final Fantasy game. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy then this would be a good game but otherwise I would not suggest it.

6. Star Wars Galaxies

Unfortunately Star Wars Galaxies seems to be on its last leg. Though Star Wars Galaxies has seen many expansions it is old and the number of players has been dropping. Star Wars Galaxies is a better game for most players then Star Trek Online though because it is more planet based and even when in space there is much more to do. On planet you have so much more to do then Star Trek Online and there is so much more depth to the game because of its age and all the expansions. A brand new Star Wars Galaxies II would be a good idea to update the game graphically. Star Wars fans will love this game. Lucas Arts has a good reputation for making good games and this was a good game when first released. Unfortunately age has not been treated it well.

7. Star Trek Online

The Star Trek franchise is big so it is amazing that it has only this year got a MMORPG of its own. Star Trek Online takes place in the far future past the Star Trek the Next Generation. You play as a captain of your own ship and you can be a member of Starfleet or after a time you can become a member of the Klingon Empire. The game takes place both in space and on the ground. A majority of the gameplay is in space. The gameplay between space and land are very different with the space gameplay being more developed. Being a newer game the graphics are some of the best. If you are a Star Trek fan you will love this game but if you are not all the time in space and what would be perceived as lack of action might make this game not the right one for you.

8. City Of Heroes/Villains

These are two games made by the same company but I am going to count them as one in the same. You will have to decide for yourself whether you prefer playing a hero or a villain. Both games are basically the same but being played from opposite ends of the law. Everyone wants to be a superhero and thanks to City of Heroes now everyone can. City Of Heroes/Villains lets you chose a costume, and powers. City Of Heroes/Villains cost to purchase and then charges you a monthly fee to continue to play.

9.Pirates of the Caribbean Online

With the popularity of the Pirates of theCaribbean it was just a matter of time before there was a Pirates of the Caribbean MMORPG made. Pirates of the Caribbean Online is also on this list because it is a kids game and there are literally hundreds of kids MMORPG games many of which like Pirates of the Caribbean Online are free to play. With kids MMORPG’s being so popular having so many people playing so much time one had to make the list. With the backing of a major franchise and being free Pirates of the Caribbean Online is the kids game to make the list. The Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a pretty simple game and not at all top of the line in terms of graphics, the game looks a bit dated even though it is not that old but the reality is when it first came out it was a bit dated. You are also limited in what you can do unless you pay to upgrade your account. If you do not mind this dated game and want to be a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean world then this game could be for you.

10. Free Realms

Free Realms is made by Sony so had a lot backing it. As the name suggests Free Realms is free to play. Free Realms is very similar to World of Warcraft with a similar setting, and theme. Free Realms is more family friendly and kid oriented then World of Warcraft. Less emphasis is placed on battling other players and more emphasis is placed on individual gameplay.