All About Worgens

Good news for folks excited about Cataclysm’s two upcoming races; the next expansion for massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft will give the Alliance some bite to go with their bark.

There haven’t been new player races since Burning Crusade, when the Draenei and Blood Elves debuted, but the upcoming Cataclysm expansion brings two new groups as the Worgen and Goblins join the Alliance and Horde respectively.

There is a war on three fronts within the small nation of Gilneas, and archmage Arugal summons wolf-beasts called Worgen to fight against the Scourge.

Players start within the besieged city as a human citizen of Gilneas. While you may pick the appearance of your Worgen during the character creation process, your human self is random.

As with every character race, you will have special abilities. The first is the ability to switch between human and Worgen forms. The other is a quick speed boost useful for getting out of trouble fast.

The starting quest area is very similar to what Blizzard introduced with the Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King. You will interact with the game environment when a quest calls for rescuing citizens behind closed doors. Other quests have players attacking while riding a horse or firing huge cannons. My favorite interaction was catapulting myself from a Horde siege engine onto a ship.

Blizzard has given players more quest styles than the standard fare. Quest rewards were pretty decent with a few surprises along the way. Since every character needs coin and bags, new players will have two bags by the time they leave the starting area. Also, veteran players will enjoy seeing a mailbox in the starting area, making it much easier to send out gear, gold and bags to a new Worgen.

Via USA Today

Ed, since I’ve already started a druid to be faction-changed once Cata comes out, I’ll definitely miss the Gilneas  starting point. But I’ll certainly be a worgen LOL