Blizzard Promises “Biggest Launch Ever” For CoD: Black Ops

During an investor call, Activision – Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick stated that the launch for Treyarch’s upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops will be the biggest investment the company has ever done for a game launch.

“This is across the board, the biggest investment that we’ve ever made in a launch of a title. And I think when audiences see the product, they’ll see why we’re doing it this way.”

“But the market opportunity is bigger than it’s ever been. The installed base of hardware is bigger than it’s ever been. The product has incredibly broad appeal, but it also has a whole host of functions that are going to be unique to the core consumer.”

“And from that perspective, we feel like it’s the most appropriate Activision product to put these kinds of resources behind. And I think there’s a lot of competition, not just from games but from a whole host of other things that you can do with your leisure times.”

“And this is something that we think has the potential to break through and appeal to a much broader consumer base than ever before.”

With Infinity Ward hanging in the ropes and Treyarch Call of Duty games never having been as successful as the IW ones, I can see why Activision needs Black Ops to become a success. Spending tons of money on marketing therefore seems a wise decision for the publisher.

We shouldn’t forget, however, that Activision isn’t in it for charity and wants to make tons of money back. So the more they spend on marketing, the more they’ll charge gamers. And I personally prefer money being spent on quality rather than marketing…

Via Fragland