(Original article available@ Horde Review)

This post is in response to the last 2 hours I spent setting up my alt Druids action bars, macros, and key-bindings just to lose it all at the flip of a switch.  I know it has happened to all of you at some point or another.  Your researching good macros, UI, action bar setups for your character, and all of the sudden in your self gratified moment of success its as if the world stops.  Literally your guild-mates are doing the running man as if MC Hammer made a successful comeback, or maybe you went to dismount, and all of the sudden your toon thinks hes a fish swimming through the twisting nether. This is called the disconnect.

Well it happened to me today after a long painful arduous setup of my Druid, and I want to propose an answer for this.  Why can’t we lobby Blizz to implement a UI save option in the game, rather than having to remember to log-out and then log back in whenever we make a macro. While I do try to make it practice to log out and then in when im working on such things, today I went a few hours playing and tinkering with things without doing so.  The result is a heap of lost time, frustration, and work that has to be done over again.  Granted it will be much easier the second time around, I would really like to avoid losing my setup at all costs once I get it the way that I want it.

It seems like such an easy concept really if you think about it, and I cant believe that its not an option already.  Simply give us a button in the UI which will save all of our macros, our UI setup, and key-bindings in one go. Or maybe there is already a way to do this that I don’t know about, and my hours of lost time, and frustration are all just something you guys can poke fun at. I am not a big poster on the official forums but seriously I thin it may be time for me to go over and voice my opinion on this, because I know I am not the only one annoyed.