Koei Announced Uncharted Waters- US Launch

Koei announced that it would release its freemium Uncharted Waters MMO for the US in 2010 through CJ Internet’s NetMarble portal. The game originally launched in Japan and other Asian territories several years ago. The MMO is based on Koei’s naval-themed RPG series Uncharted Waters, which it began publishing in 1991. Players in the Uncharted Waters MMO will be able to become adventurers, traders, or explorers and engage in ship-to-ship battles with other players.

The game is currently in closed beta. Users will be able to purchase virtual goods to customize both their characters and their ships. There will also be virtual goods designed to help players advance in the game more quickly. Koei is publishing the game in the US largely to test Western reception of its freemium MMOs. If Uncharted Waters is successful, then more freemium Koei MMOs could follow. Koei plans to update Uncharted Waters with new content roughly once a year.

Via Virtual World News