Plants V Zombies Mini-game In Cataclysm

Last week, a number of outlets reported that the beta for World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm had a Plants vs. Zombies minigame. PopCap Cofounder Jason Kapalka not only confirms this but adds that Cataclysm’s getting its own PVZ quest chain — and that it’s also receiving “something special” and new recordings from Plants vs. Zombies composer and singer Laura Shigihara (of that cute “Zombies on Your Lawn” diddy.)

“PopCap has a great relationship with Blizzard, and we’ve mixed it up before with both Bejeweled and Peggle add-ons for WOW. We also did a series of free WOW-branded Peggle levels on,” Kapalka said in an e-mailed statement to GamePro. “In this case, Blizzard took the initiative and told us they were working on a Plants vs. Zombies quest chain for Cataclysm. We thought it was an awesome homage, and in fact Laura Shigihara, the composer and singer of the Plants vs. Zombies title track, recorded a few extra bits for something special they’re doing with the quest.

“We are delighted to have Plants vs. Zombies in Warcraft, and are looking forward to playing the final version of Cataclysm when it releases.”

Via Network World