World of Warcraft Cataclysm’s December Release Date

Yep, It's December! Blizzard finally confirmed the release date for World of Warcraft *Cataclysm*-- slated for 7th of December this year.

Overnight Blizzard Entertainment confirmed rumours that the third World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, would be released on the 7th of December this year. As usual the game will be available as a $59.95 Standard version and a $109.95 Collectors Edition from retail stores. It will also be available digitally, using a new streaming version of the game client that Blizzard is currently testing.

Unlike previous expansions, which focused on adding new high level content to the game, Cataclysm changes World of Warcraft at all levels. It introduces two new races, Goblins for Horde and the Lycanthropic Worgen for Alliance. But more than this, the character leveling experience for all of the games races has been improved, and new mixes of races and classes like Dwarf Shaman and Tauren Paladins have been added.

High level characters haven’t been neglected however, with five new levels to attain and a host of new dungeons and raids to adventure through. There is also a new secondary profession called Archeology, which gives players the chance to not only learn about the history of Azeroth, but also gives them a chance to discover unique items like mounts and pets.

Via PC Authority