Who Is Medivh? (Pt III)

The last Guardian of Azeroth was dead … sort of. After all, how often do these heroes truly die?

The spirit of Medivh watched over the world and foresaw the downfall of Lordaeron, the corruption of Arthas and the return of the Burning Legion. But Medivh’s spirit was no longer chained to that of Sargeras, and he desperately wanted to stop what was coming to pass. This was his fault: The Burning Legion’s advance, the horrors of the First and Second wars, Anduin’s death, Llane’s death — all of it rested on his hands. And regardless of the fact that it was Sargeras’ manipulations that had urged him on, Medivh still felt incredibly guilty and ashamed of what he had done. To that end, Medivh’s spirit sought out his mother Aegwynn. Aegwynn used the last of her great powers to resurrect her son.

Medivh knew without a shadow of a doubt that if he showed his face to any who would recognize him, he would be killed on sight. And so he took the form of a raven and flew to Lordaeron to deliver a warning, masquerading as a lone prophet with visions of a terrible future that would soon come to pass. His first stop was the Warchief Thrall, and he gave the young orc a terrible vision of fiery infernals raining from the sky as Alliance and Horde warred with each other below. Upon awakening, the unnerved orc saw the prophet, who told him that his destiny lay over the oceans on a distant continent called Kalimdor and that if he truly sought peace for his people, he should lead them there. Thrall sensed the truth of the prophet’s words and immediately began assembling his people to set sail. Unfortunately, the humans of Azeroth weren’t so easily convinced.

King Terenas Menethil dismissed Medivh’s prophecies as the ramblings of a madman, sealing his fate at the hands of his son. Antonidas, leader of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor, followed suit. But a young mage named Jaina Proudmoore overheard the conversation between Medivh and Antonidas and sensed that perhaps this prophet was right. It wasn’t until after Prince Arthas Menethil’s purging of Stratholme that Jaina saw the prophet again — and when he spoke to her and told her to go to Kalimdor, she believed him. Jaina gathered as many people as would follow her and set sail for Kalimdor.

As both human and orc forces converged on Kalimdor, Medivh appeared once again in their dreams — and in the dreams of the leader of the night elves, Malfurion Stormrage. He revealed his identity to the three of them, confessing that it was his actions that had brought the orcs and the Burning Legion to Azeroth and insisting that the three armies must combine if they had any hope of stopping the Burning Legion.

Jaina, Thrall and Malfurion were convinced, and the three armies converged to defend the World Tree Nordrassil from the Legion’s advances. As Archimonde, one of Sargeras’ lieutenants, approached the World Tree, Malfurion called the spirits of nature with the Horn of Cenarius. The spirits swarmed around the helpless lieutenant and detonated, destroying the Burning Legion’s hopes of conquest and Nordrassil, home to the night elves and source of their immortality, as well.

The world was safe, the Legion shattered, and though Arthas and the Scourge still loomed as an eventual threat, Medivh was reassured that what he’d done was enough. Thrall and Jaina spoke of tenuous alliances, and it seemed as though the world of Azeroth was large enough for both Alliance and Horde, as long as the two worked together. Satisfied, the last Guardian of Azeroth vanished, taking his place among “the legends of the past.”

Medivh’s current whereabouts are unknown. After his resurrection, Medivh sought out and absorbed most of the latent power in Karazhan, his now-deserted home. The tower crumbled as a result and now holds the tiniest fraction of the power that it did when Medivh still dwelled within its walls. The spirits of Medivh’s past still wander the halls — his father’s ghost, the remnants of Arcanagos, Medivh’s former butler Moroes — all echoes of a time ages ago. Also present are the visions and ghosts of times long before Medivh, when great banquets were served and balls were held.

Medivh, however, is nowhere to be seen — his mother Aegwynn was discovered by Jaina Proudmoore years after his resurrection, but the Guardian himself seems to have disappeared. Though it has been stated in the World of Warcraft comic series that Medivh is “gone,” how likely is it that one of the most powerful men on Azeroth has disappeared for good? The threat of the Burning Legion is no longer as dire as it was during the Third War, but perhaps we have not seen the last of the last Guardian. And when Sargeras and his army turn their gazes once more to Azeroth’s surface, they’ll find him again, watching over Azeroth and protecting it from harm until time, at last, runs out.

Via Wow/Joystiq