Online Gamers In China Up 41.5 Percent

According to China newspaper Xinhua, a report by a publication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences says that, “Chinese are living a lifestyle in which the Internet has become a preferred channel for them to purchase goods, seek entertainment and acquire information.”

The numbers that the report provides certainly support this. The report says that China had 265 million online game users (or at least registered accounts) by the end of 2009, up 41.5% year-on-year from 2008, and had 108 million online shoppers by the end of last year, up 45.9% from 2008.

China had 420 million online users overall as of June 30, and had 384 million at the end of 2009, which would mean that 69% of China’s Internet users at the end of 2009 were playing games online and 28% of the online population in China made online purchases.


The world internet users barrier broke the two billion user setpoint in 2010 but the Chinese market represents over 20% of the total global internet users.

The online connections on the mainland are north of 420 million users. But what is exceptional is that the mainland online users represent  31% of the population are connected to the world wide web. Apart from the exceptional number of users the Chinese authorities have implemented a very advanced internet service and over 98% of users are serviced with broadband, but the width is a problem and connection speeds average 857kbps much slower than in the USA, South  Korea and Japan. Also in need of further development are IP addresses as China has only 250 million IPv4 connections. China has the ongoing problem of installing the network infrastructure digital backbone that can support and keep up with the supply demand

Via TNW Asia, Shutter Voice