Social Media Popular Even With Phishers


Don't Let Others Phish Your Account


A growing number of internet criminals are shifting their focus from email to social media, new research suggests.

Panda Security’s third quarterly report of 2010 has found that clickjacking attacks employed by criminals to coax users into clicking on Facebook’s ‘Like’ button were particularly widespread during the period.

The study also found that 77 per cent of employees admitted to visiting social media websites at work and that consequently, 33 per cent of companies had been infected by malware through this channel.

Sebastian Zabala, Panda’s country manager for the UK and Sweden, suggested a combination of increasingly spam-savvy email users and an ever-expanding number of potential targets on social networks had led to the change in focus.

‘We are schooled when it comes to email, so most people are able to identify, for example, a phishing email or a spam email,’ he said.

‘But in the form of social media, it is harder for users to separate what is a phishing attack from a message. You are more inclined to click on everything, because you want to see everything and you want to see what is happening.’

Via BCS News