UK Loves e-Commerce

Growth in the UK 'faster than expected', whilst in the Eurozone online Christmas shopping sales look set to rise by 25.1 per cent.

An estimate that the British ecommerce sector will grow by ten per cent a year is a low one, according to one expert.

Commenting on a recent Boston Consulting Group report suggesting that the UK’s online economy was worth £100 billion last year, IMRG managing director David Smith said actual ecommerce activity indicates the sector could grow to be worth much more.

“If you look at the ecommerce market and the way in which various government organisations are moving towards doing transactions online, ten per cent growth will be a conservative estimate,” he remarked.

Mr Smith said that half of Britons book their holidays online, while over 60 per cent conduct online banking activities – and so when these figures are added to the internet economy’s value, growth is likely to be much higher than Boston Consulting Group’s prediction.

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