Google v China…. v WikiLeaks?!

Did China's politburo directed the Google hack?

China’s politburo directed hacks against Google and the US government, according to an informant quoted in US diplomatic cables.

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that it, via whistleblower site Wikileaks, had seen US Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) cables containing information pointing to Chinese involvement in hacks against companies, including Google, and US government infrastructure.

According to the newspaper, in January, a Chinese contact told the US embassy in Beijing that the politburo — the governing body of the Communist Party of China — had orchestrated a hacking campaign against Google and other Western businesses.

In January of this year Google reported that its IT systems had faced a “highly sophisticated and targeted attack” from China.

On 25 January the Chinese government issued a statement denying the allegations of being party to the intrusion. Any claim “that the Chinese government participated in [any] cyberattack, either in an explicit or inexplit way, is groundless”, the statement said.

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The U.S. believes the Chinese government was behind an internet hacking attack on Google and Western governments. Beijing has adamantly denied any knowledge of the internet interference.

But secret U.S. diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks quote an official from the American Embassy in Beijing as saying that a contact blamed the Chinese authorities.

Google announced in March that it would no longer follow the communist government’s instructions to filter searches for sensitive material after what it said were coordinated cyber attacks.The hacking included infiltration of the Gmail accounts of Chinese dissidents.

Hacking campaigns originating from China have been reported before, including in a recent study by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

In one 18-minute period last April, the traffic from up to 50,000 computer networks around the world was allegedly redirected through China before being rerouted to its final destination.

But U.S. officials have stopped short of publicly accusing Beijing of cyber warfare, saying that the hacking could be the work of Chinese not linked to authorities.

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